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01 January 2014

27 November 2013

#IntPiPoMo gratuitous personal pictures

41 Bridge troll says GIMME YOUR SOOUUUULLLL
42 Beautiful Chihuly glass
43 The Space Needle as seen through more glass
44 Japanese garden
46 at Pike Place Market
47 Sunset at the dog park
48 More sunset at the dog park
49 Are you sensing a theme?

23 November 2013

#IntPiPoMo in the Exodar

35 Gurl look at that body
37 How have I never noticed this in the Exodar?
38 I wish more people were excited about the Exodar. It's a really cool idea for a major city.
39 When I get sick I like to start new characters. More importantly, look at my little tree friend raining leaves from his armpits!
40 Ahh, peace and quiet. *sneezes*

21 November 2013

#IntPiPoMo im in ur silver enclave

20 I didn't pay much attention so I don't actually remember your name or significance but could you please step out of the shot?
21 Well golly this sure is nice
22 My goodness look at these majestic statues
23 How festive! This looks like something related to PvP
24 This looks like a gun that a Dalaran mage would appreciate
25 Look at this well-polished and very fancy shield
26 I know we've been over this but I kind of have a thing for the Dalaran stained glass
27 Mmm...Drink it in
28 *muffled screaming*
29 A little slice of the lovely forest in the middle of the lovely city
30 WHAT A VIEW YOU GUYS I hope you Allies appreciate what you have =_=
31 Hello yes I would like to order one million beers please
32 Even the ceilings are painted...y'all fancy humans
33 The tapestry is glittering THIS IS NOT A DRILL

16 November 2013

#IntPiPoMo Dominance Offensive quest conclusion

13 Oh hey guys cool party you got going on this doesn't look ominous at all 
14 Hey there, guy! This tauren sure is glad to see you!
17 Good job little guy! You're gonna be a great leader. 
18 ...did you just
19 ANDUIN?!?!?!?!

13 November 2013

#IntPiPoMo Dominance Offensive quests

7 First up, sneaking into Darnassafrass to steal back the Divine Bell
8 Heeeeeey night elves
9 Then it was off to Dalaran, where I got only bad news
10 Time for a big battle...I was hoping Jaina would show up at some point, though
11 I probably should have been more concerned when I was asked to jump off the side of Dalaran,
12 Hnnnggg This guy is really growing on me. Did you see he flipped a BENCH?!

07 November 2013

#IntPiPoMo is here again!

I may have mentioned that Dah and I are hoping to do a bit more writing this November, but I'm afraid my schedule is not going to permit me to tackle something as intense as NaNoWriMo. Still, be on the lookout for more fic posts! We're hoping to finally bust out of the Sadness Forever that is Zhu's Watch and finally get into the rest of the Pandaria story.

1 Just kidding. I'm afraid it's all sadness, all the time in this fanfiction.
2 I'm still working on my quests so the plot can advance! Drink in my shirtless companion!
There is another way to get out 50,000 words, and that is through International Picture Posting Month, originally started by Angelya and this year spearheaded by Jojo of Admiring Azeroth. The premise is simple: if a picture is worth a thousand words, then 50 pictures (or in our case, screenshots) are surely worth 50,000 of them!

Sadly, with my new econo-lappy (names changed to protect those involved) I feel a lot less excited about taking screenshots, both because they don't look that great and also because taking them sometimes sends the graphics into a shame spiral requiring several minutes to recover from.

3 Look at that spectacular view distance. LOOK AT IT.

Still, I do have some news that I am happy to share! The other night, as I was moping around, extremely disappointed that I had NOT KNOWN that the Marionette pet had become permanent (spoiler alert: I didn't get one this year and they are being sold for like 800g WTF GUYS), and my very first GM whispered me. Yes, that's right, when Aka was but a wee calf still learning the ways of teh durids, a classmate invited me to her guild. When I moved abroad, I had to leave them behind in order to switch servers, and the guild eventually disbanded as many of the raiders left to do other things.

WELL they are back in business, and it just so happens that they do not have many raiding druids. Perhaps the sweetest thing he said to me, after I had disclosed that I had almost no experience raiding this xpac, was that he knows I'm a good player and could easily be caught up. Ahh, my bolstered ego.

omg. much heartwarming. very feels.
Sadly, I'm not financially ready to server transfer yet, so I started a bank toon to get into the guild and check out the atmosphere. As much as I love the new pandaren starting zone, I decided to go with a goblin because they can be guilded right from the beginning, and who doesn't appreciate their undeniable sass?

4 Running through the forest, feeling so FREE-HEE-hee
5 I will never get over how colorful and comedic this starting zone is. Not to mention the music is fantastic!
6 "All you have to do is climb on top of that huge pile of explosives" WHAT'S THE WORST THAT COULD HAPPEN